Customer Reviews

By: Fernando D. on Ortiz Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc

"Alex Ortiz's crews were always on time. Hardworking guys and always clean up before they leave the building. Finally, because of the good work they do that the city inspector is familiar with, the inspection was a breeze! Finally, replacing our 3 very old furnaces all came within our budget. Cant' go wrong with Alex!"

By: Dan S. on Ortiz Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc

"Fantastic and using him again!

Alex and his team installed all new ductwork and a new AC unit at our Oakland hills house. He needed to remove all of the ducting under our house, cut new vents into each room from above, and install all new ductwork in the attic crawl space. His team was efficient, professional, and completed a very complex job in two quick days. It was amazing. And, his pricing was very competitive. When I had questions about my new AC unit (I had never had one before) he always responded quickly and patiently.

It was so good, I am going to hire him again for our new house."

By: Clay M. on Ortiz Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc

"Mr. Ortiz - Founder/Owner:

I want to "Thank You" and your Ortiz Heating Team (Jorge, Francisco, Sergio and Doris) personally for the excellent furnace and duct replacement installed at my home on October 2 - 5, 2023. It was a wonderful non-stressful experience for me. Ortiz Heating was chosen because of your accomplished company qualifications:


2: Expertise with Heating Produ

3: Knowledge of Building Codes

4: BBB Accredited

5: Diamond Certified Company

6: Support Local Business in San Mateo County

The Ortiz Heating Team worked very hard, residence cleaned up daily and showed great teamwork and their skilled workmanship was impressive too. Your sub-contractors for Asbestos Removal and Mechanical where all excellent to work with as well.

I highly recommend the services of Ortiz Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. for your furnace and duct needs…

A Very Happy Heating Customer!


Clay M."

By: Dave G. on Ortiz Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc

"I would give Alex Ortiz and his crew a 6 out of 5 if I could. Alex installed a gas furnace for our house a few years ago. The installation required some creativity and he had all the parts he needed with him on his truck. The quality of the installation was excellent. The cost was okay and the final invoice exactly matched the cost estimate. He and his crew showed up when they said they would. We have had to call Alex a few times for service issues. Each time we have called he has picked up his cell phone and responded almost immediately with whatever help we needed."

By: Nicolai A. on Ortiz Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc

"I have called lots of company to come over to fix the problem of the furnace. None of them were reliable as Ortiz heating and air-conditioning company after experiencing Ortiz heating company they were very prompt. They only give you one hour window time to show up not for like others 4 to 5 hours, And they always show up as early as possible between that one hour window very reliable and experience. I highly recommend them I will put my name on it Nicolai Alexaieff"

By: Peter N. on Ortiz Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc

"Alex Ortiz and his crew did a fantastic job on our installation. They installed a large unit in our living room and a smaller one in our bedroom. They installed the outside unit on the side of the house, and ran lines through our attic. It took their crew of three all of a day to install the units, and another day to run the lines and seal up the entry points on the outside of the house. We were in the house the whole time, and they were so quiet, courteous and respectful that even our anxious dog didn't mind them. They even made friends. When they were done, everything was put back perfectly as it was before, and we had two rooms that can turn warm and cool in just a few minutes. Thank you, Alex!"

By: Gema B. on Ortiz Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc

"Best of the best honest amazing customer service

Wow I was beyond impressed on how amazing the customer service is and the great business they have!

Super sweet and very helpful!! Will definitely use them again and recommend them 5 stars if not more!"

By: Pamela K. on Ortiz Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc

"A few years ago we had a 98% efficient two-zoned heating system installed. One zone had never had heat so duct work and two more cold air returns were required. Our contractor had one company in mind and with our urging, he asked Ortiz to bid the job.

Alex's bid was much better than the other company, and our contractor decided to give Ortiz Heating & Air Conditioning a try. The installation was impeccable.

I'm reviewing now because we've had Alex come out to our house a few times for issues large and small. Within warranty the fan stopped working and therefore the system shut down. Brrrr. He was on it immediately. Another time he came out to do an in-service on with us on cleaning the reusable furnace filters and the individual returns. Yes, our cold air returns are also filtered. And once I broke the master thermostat and we needed a new one. Handled quickly and efficiently. No mess left behind. Everything as quoted.

This last week I was having a problem getting the master thermostat to talk to the sensors downstairs. Downstairs is supposed to listen to me and for some reason it decided to be an independent contractor. Heated when it felt like it, and it didn't turn down as requested.

Once again, I was scheduled within a week, and Alex was here inside of the one hour window given for his appointment. Finally, we stumped Alex. He tried a few things and downstairs didn't listen to him either. He had no problem calling his Carrier rep right here on the spot. He explained what was happening and together they found the issue. Boom. Fixed. Downstairs now listens to Mama.

This company does exactly what's needed, for fair value. I always appreciate great work initially but moreover Ortiz treats our home and all the follow-up visits as though being an "Ortiz home" means something. He doesn't leave us stranded because the big sale is complete.

Last, in the days of Covid, Alex was masked and careful to stay back from my husband and me. He asked me to touch door knobs where needed so as not to needlessly cross contaminate. He's no longer having his crew meet up at their shop. They go in individually and stock their trucks, then go to their job sites without the added risk of having met as a group at work.

Highly recommend. And you'll get a thank you note, too."

By: Louise G. on Ortiz Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc

"Finding Ortiz heating was a mind saver for me. Mr. Ortiz is very honest and knowledgeable .His employees were professional.showed up on time and left everything clean. They did a great job! The heater works so great!!! Priced very fair."

By: Teresa L. on Ortiz Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc

"We interviewed 4 furnace installers and decided to go with Ortiz Heating & Air. His estimate was very thorough and his price competitive. His team was courteous and they always swept up or vacuumed each day before leaving. The job was completed in a timely manner with no surprise extra charges. Yes, I would recommend them."