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Living in California is about being cool. Both as a person and in the comfort of your home. Ortiz AC is the leader of being cool.

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Nothing lasts forever but Ortiz Heating & AC Inc. works hard to keep 'forever' lasting as long as possible.

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Experience. Dedication. Loyalty. With Ortiz, you're in the hands of professionals for all your HVAC needs.

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HVAC Tips & Advice

Watch Alex Ortiz as he explains the latest care tips for your HVAC system.

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Ortiz Heating & AC Inc. has teamed up with Carrier Air Conditioners to make sure you've got the best equipment at the best prices.

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Ortiz Heating & Ac Inc. stands the work it does. Our trained staff will help ensure your appliances work as intended. Our guarantee is our life. It's what we do here at Ortiz.

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Yearly Maintenance

All equipment and systems used for your comfort will last for many years with regular and consistent yearly maintenance.

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Taking action for comfort means contacting Us right now. The sooner you call, the sooner we get you comfortable again.

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Hours Of Operation

Ortiz Heating & AC is available Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm. Give us a call and find out why we're the choice for your heating and AC solutions for over 20 years.

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Dependable Services

Since 1999, Ortiz Heating & Air Conditioning has been trusted by many home and business owners for their various heating, cooling and indoor comfort needs. We serve San Francisco and surrounding area.

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20+ Years Experience

Experience and commitment are important for you and your home systems. You can be sure that Ortiz Heating & AC will be there for the life of your equipment.

Your Comfort Is Our Success

Since 1999 Ortiz Heating & AC has maintained the successful cooling and heating needs of thousands of homes. Ortiz means trust.

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Ortiz Heating & AC Inc. works to bring you the best pricing, highest quality work and the latest technology for your home comfort needs.

We're proud to serve the Bay Area

For over 20 years Ortiz Heating & AC has been successfully
serving the greater San Francisco area.

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Meet The Ortiz Team Of Experts

"We have worked hard to create, grow and succeed as one of the Bay Area's most trusted and respected HVAC companies. It's our life's work to make your life comfortable."

Alex & Joanna Ortiz

Alex & Joanna Ortiz

Alex & Joanna Ortiz

- Owners & Team Leaders -

In 1999 Ortiz Heating & AC was founded by Alex Ortiz. Born from an inspiration to create top-shelf HVAC services but to also create jobs and a legacy. With these ideas driving the growth of Ortiz Heating & AC, Alex Ortiz has worked to ensure he reaches his goals. When you invest in your home comfort by using Ortiz Heating & AC you're investing these goals.

In 2006, Joanna Ortiz joined the management as well becoming the partner of Alex Ortiz. Since that time, her efforts have helped add energy, organization and top-shelf customer service, business management and operations.

Ortiz Heating & AC is a family. It's a team, but most importantly, it's dependable.

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