MYTH: It is more efficient to leave the air conditioner running continually at an optimal level than it is to turn if o and turn it back on to cool down the house.

FACT: Electricity is electricity. The more AC you use, the more electricity you use, the less efficient you are. When you aren’t running your air conditioner, keep the doors and windows closed to keep additional humidity out.

MYTH: Opening all vents/registers in the house and keeping all doors open will spread the cooler air through the house more efficiently.

FACT: It is more efficient to close all vents/register in unused rooms and keep the doors to those rooms closed. In fact, if you take it a step further and close the ductwork o to the unused rooms, you’ll be even more efficient.

MYTH: To cool the house down quicker, you should lower the thermostat to 5-7 degrees cooler than you actually want it to be.

FACT: Lowering the temperature on the thermostat does not make the air conditioner work any faster when cooling o your home. Air conditioners work by exchanging hot air for cold, and the time it takes to do that cannot be altered by lowering the thermostat.