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Importance of Regular Maintenance

It’s clear to anyone who’s paying electric or gas bills that HVAC systems can make or break your bank, especially with energy costs rising, with no end in sight. By performing routine maintenance on your HVA unit/system, you can dramatically increase its efficiency and lower your energy bills. Not only will you be taking immediate action against those pesky, irritating energy costs, but you’ll also be taking preventative action against expensive repairs and replacements.

Think of your HVAC unit like a car. When you perform regular maintenance, odds are you only need to replace the tires, battery, oil ring, etc. every now and then, at small costs, as long as you’re taking your car in for its usual tune-ups. Now, think of the neglected car. How often are tires blown out, batteries dying, and entire transmissions needing replacement? The same concept applies to HVAC systems.

Here are a few regular maintenance steps your HVAC expert can apply to create a more efficient system.

Change your air filters regularly

This can easily be one of the largest steps towards conserving energy. Your air filters are meant to capture dust, dirt and allergens that are circulating throughout the air. By routinely changing your air filters, you are ensuring that the systems are not clogged with this buildup, and therefore are running more smoothly and efficiently.

Check your fan regularly

Fans are responsible for recirculating the air in your house and providing appropriate ventilation. At times, when air filters are changed or due to continued operation, the fans can become loose from vibrations. By checking your fan, you can make sure your HVAC system is running at optimum efficiency.

Clean your blade fans regularly

Your blade fans can build up a ton of dirt, dust, and allergens, putting undue stress on your entire system. This is not only unhealthy for the system, but it is also unhealthy for you. Have your HVAC expert check the vacuum and blower area of your unit to ensure that it is free of debris.

Oil your blower motor regularly

Some systems, not all, require that the blower motor be oiled on a regular basis to maintain efficiency. Other systems are sealed up to prevent access. Have your HVAC expert take a look at your system to tell you whether or not this is something that your unit needs to have done on a consistent basis.

By continually having your HVAC expert perform these routine check-ups, you can prevent a lot of headache. Not only is the bill going to be smaller, in the long run, for routine maintenance over replacements and repairs, but you’ll also have a smoother running unit, ultimately lowering your energy bills. Routine maintenance lowers your energy costs, extends the life of your system, and lowers maintenance costs.