FREE Estimates

FREE Estimates

Ortiz Heating & AC is your HVAC solution.

At Ortiz Heating & AC we offer a FREE estimate on all jobs before we start.

Since 1999, Ortiz Heating & AC Inc. has provided FREE Estimates to thousands of Bay Area residents. These estimates customized based on both your budget, seasonal deals and product opportunities. At Ortiz, we work hard to ensure the best price and the highest quality work backed by an amazing history and track record.

Contact us today for your free estimate*:

Main Office – 650.758.4900
San Francisco & Peninsula – 415.404.6604
East Bay Area – 510.445.1940
Contra Costa County – 925.373.0799

*Free Estimates are on replacement or additional HAC Equipment. There is a charge for a service call to your home or business.

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