Schedule your air conditioning tune-up and prepare for summer

Schedule your air conditioning tune-up and prepare for summer

It's that time of year soon! Triple digit heat is fast approaching California. Now is the time to make sure each room in your home is ready. You need to check for proper airflow, vent access and overall system health. Here are three things you can do in preparation for the coming summer season.

1. Check Your Furnace

If your furnace and AC unit are in the house and easily accessible – perhaps in a closet — inspect the cabinet for holes or leaks that a technician could fix. And don’t store anything in that closet.

2. Clean The system

Done correctly, duct cleaning should only happen once every eight to 10 years as long as you keep up with monthly filter changes. Rosie recommends the 1-inch paper pleated filter that sits snugly in the holder. If you have shedding pets or have allergies, it may need more frequent cleanings.

3. Call Ortiz

Call a professional and insured HVAC company like Ortiz to schedule an inspection. We will come into your home and ensure that you, your system and home are ready for the California summer we've all come to expect. 

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*Free Estimates are on replacement or additional HAC Equipment. There is a charge for a service call to your home or business.

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