Advancing Technology In HVAC Systems – How It Benefits Homeowners

Advancing Technology In HVAC Systems – How It Benefits Homeowners

As Bay Area heating and cooling professionals we know homes are getting smarter all the time. The internet has changed our lives and made many things easier and more convenient than ever before. How is HVAC technology changing? In more ways than you can imagine!

Quieter systems. HVAC systems can make a lot of noise, especially those that are older. Some people don’t mind the fact that they notice every time the system shuts off or comes on, but it can be really annoying for others. Reputable companies such as Carrier go the distance when it comes to innovations that make life more pleasant for homeowners. Thanks to the development of quieter compressors, you can enjoy a comfortable home without the noise and distraction.

Variable speed fans. Once upon a time, the only thing home or business owners could do with ventilation fans was to turn them on or off. In recent years variable speed fans have helped countless people enjoy a far greater measure of comfort. When temperatures are mild outside but you need just a touch of cooling, the fan speed can be set on low. On days when it’s downright hot, switching the fan to high will allow you to enjoy cool, comfortable air. Variable speed fans not only improve your comfort level, they also make your HVAC system far more efficient.

Phasing out of R22. Also commonly known as Freon, R22 refrigerant is being phased out by the EPA because of its negative impact on the environment, specifically the ozone layer. R410a is replacing Freon and is a more eco-friendly solution that provides cool, efficient comfort.

Smart and programmable thermostats. While this isn’t exactly a new technology, today’s “smart homes” are making it even easier for homeowners to control nearly every system in their home with the touch of a finger. The ability to control your thermostat from work or anywhere you may be using your phone is truly amazing – and the potential money savings is substantial. When smart technology is incorporated into the systems of your home, you can control every aspect of your HVAC system.

Whether you live in San Jose, Hayward, San Mateo or anywhere in the east Bay Area, you can enjoy a heating and cooling system that’s far more technologically advanced and efficient than those of yesteryear. To learn more about how today’s systems are changing, give Ortiz Heating & AC a call today.

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